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12-May-2016 10:43

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While you are there you can read the fascinating 40 years of testimonials that and watch the informative videos.

Would you like to only have to pay half your traffic and parking fines or car registration?

Are you interested in a new service where you need only pay half your land tax, stamp duties, payroll tax, TAFE fees,or any state government tax , levy or charge or Public Housing rent.

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The matchmaking services are conducted by one to one introductions for singles looking for long term relationships, making friends and enlarging social circles.Ongoing personal consultation for each client is an important feature of the successful matchmaking service as well as monthly held singles events.

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The country is very conservative (for Western standards), and the sites that exist are primarily marriage or friendship oriented.… continue reading »

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La relación laboral, a diferencia de otras relaciones que emanan de los contratos en general, se caracteriza por ser una relación jurídico-personal y no simplemente jurídica; en este sentido se confirma lo ya estudiado acerca de los principios del Derecho del Trabajo, en cuanto se regula esta relación considerando imperativamente el hecho que sean dos sujetos los que se encuentran contratando y no en consideración a la empresa ni al trabajo mismo, sino que a las personas de trabajador y empleador.… continue reading »

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