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Then the Company's expansion into Australia and the U. Dunlop Station in New South Wales was the first wool shed to start shearing with these machines.The first demonstration of mechanical sheep shearing in the USA was at the offices of the American Sheep Breeder magazine in Chicago, on Wednesday June 18th 1890 using Wolseley equipment.The Argentina Shearing Machine made by Ward & Payne in the UK was demonstrated in Wyoming in 1893, there were no further attempts to introduce shearing machinery into that country until William Cooper & Nephews became the Wolseley agent in the USA in 1895.Shearing machinery made by the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company was sold under the “Stewart” brand name, in Australia & New Zealand it was sold under the “Cooper” brand name.Preface In 1998 I was given a 1920 Cooper 3 hp type “W” (Stover Junior) and this is where it all started for me.In researching the history of this engine I became interested in the history of the Cooper Engineering Co.This is a fascinating and complex history of three companies and how they are connected.Wm Cooper & Nephews in the USA were basically a marketing company of their sheep dip.

This is a theory I have at this time and I would like to prove or disprove it!

The products covered in this time line history range from sheep dip, horse clippers, flexible shafts, sheep shearing machinery, the sale and production of stationary engines, industrial furnaces, car speedometers and accessories, house hold products such the electric iron, the Mixmaster and Sunbeam electric razor.