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14-Apr-2015 13:14

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Born in the Caribbean island The Dominican Republic in 1953, during a tyrannical time of brutal dictatorship under President Trujillo. to prevent a Democratic electorate process from going forward toward a socialist head of State immediately following a people's revolt, which assassinated Dictator Trujillo, after enduring severe longtime despotism. And all subsequent crimes - on both sides - inevitably follow from this original injustice!The following material is from my up coming future Book...An expose on the US presidency;that all those taken the oath to defend the US interests has been a well lid farce ... On July 4th, 1776, The Western Northern lands (Later to be known as The US), signed a Declaration of Independence from Great Britain's colonizing/tyrannical/taxing & economic systems that was being imposed on these lands, due to their long time land conquests.

In this extraordinary collection of political cartoons from the period of the Philippine-American War and subsequent colonization, frank visual satire and caricature vibrate with 'forgotten' histories from the turn of the 19th century: they link U. imperial conquests in the Pacific to those in the Caribbean, refract American perceptions of Filipinos through its devastating treatments of blacks and native peoples, explicitly admit U. ambitions to employ not only war, but education and culture, to surpass the reach and power of the European empires by the end of the 20th century.These 'forbidden' images are windows onto an earlier moment in the history of American empire, a history in which we still live and struggle today.

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That is life, but if you let fear keep you from trying to see the good in people then you will miss out on some real gems. If something bad does happen, what good did all the negative thinking that lead to it really do? On a positive note, however, many situations don't turn out badly and that only makes all that negative brain-dialogue even more of a waste.… continue reading »

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