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28-Sep-2016 16:00

In 2009, the number of marriages rose for a sixth successive year. Statistics also show that both men and women are marrying later. [Source: S Mustafa, Today, June 18, 2010] Muslims in are allowed to have up to four wives.

For men, the average age when they take their marriage vows is now 29.8 years. For other groups marriage is defined by law as monogamous.

Interethnic marriages included a disproportionate number of divorced or widowed individuals.

[Source: Library of Congress, 1989] Marriage and wedding customs generally are in accordance with the customs of the ethnic or religious group getting married.

The Hindu traditions of caste endogamy and the Malay insistence on conversion to Islam as a condition of marriage were major barriers to intermarriage.

Shared religion encouraged intermarriage, with marriages between Malays and Indian Muslims the most common form of ethnic intermarriage.

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Arranged marriages, using matchmakers and go-between, are still common, particularly among Hindus and Malay Muslims.

In the late 2000, singles made up 55.7 percent of all households in Singapore, compared to 50.1 percent 10 years earlier.

Three days of paid leave is promised to newlywed couples.

Marriages across ethnic lines occurred, but not often.

Between 19, intermarriage rates remained at 6 percent of all marriages.None of the traditional cultures encouraged marriage outside the group.

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