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No matter what the people with the big earmuffs and clipboards tell you, the women are the color of every race weekend.And if theyre at all honest with themselves, its why most men choose to race to begin with. Ive been on my feet for about 8 hours straight, minus the twenty minutes or so where I scoffed down a leafy Salad Roll on an even leafier hill in Melbournes Albert Park.

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But ridiculous as it may be, he may have a point buried somewhere underneath that pre-sixties sexist remark.

Sigmund Freud would be the first to endorse the idea, especially considering that a Formula One driver would be the living, breathing example of his Eros and Thanatos theory where he believes that humans are driven by two conflicting central desires: the life drive (Eros) (incorporating the sex drive) and the death drive (Thanatos) which compels humans to engage in risky and destructive behaviors that could lead to their own death. Didnt take a modern day genius to figure that out, surely.

Its the end of qualifying of the Australian Grand Prix, and anyone not on pole who is worth photographing is buried in a laptop somewhere analyzing why they didnt live up to their press releases; drivers are all locked up with their engineers giving them feedback on the set up of their car, which with a modern day Formula One driver like Lewis Hamilton is much quicker I believe I think he already has a USB port just behind his ear. A cluster of snappers in the corner, who up until a minute ago were busy blowing the cobwebs out of their shutter buttons, are now jockeying for position, frantically firing away with furious flashes while demonstrating their incredible talent for running backwards while looking forward through a one inch viewfinder. Former Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh is right behind them. As it draws closer to race day though, it slowly becomes ripe with beautiful women, gorgeous grid girls, actresses, singers, models and trophy wives.

This is the Formula One photographers equivalent of farmers celebrating a downpour of rain during a drought. This is one of the few times a driver can walk the length of the paddock without being noticed.

And there is no team on todays grid that takes this more seriously than the Red Bull team.Known for their young, vibrant image, the team actually goes as far as flying in their own women for each race.