Silk da shocker and mya dating

28-Mar-2015 17:46

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Rapper Silkk The Shocker returned to the stage for the ATL Live on the Park event.

Meanwhile, Ludacris copped the Hip Hop Pro Icon Award during the festivities and plenty of YBF celebs were in attendance. We don’t see No Limit rapper Silkk The Shocker often. Don’t act like Silkk wasn’t y’all #Man Crush Monday before there was such a thing.

Just as significantly, she developed from an artist frequently compared to the likes of Brandy and Aaliyah into one with her own identity.

Sounding innocent and knowing at once, while consistently upbeat and confident, she released some of the most...

Pop-oriented contemporary R&B artist Mya arrived in 1998, when she was 18 years old.

Within only a few years, the singer, songwriter, and dancer had two platinum albums and a gold one, a clutch of Top Ten pop hits, and a Grammy Award.

Silkk, still looking almost the same as his "Moving On" with Mya days, linked up with rapper Ludacris at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park for a fun night out at ATL Live on the Park for its 4th annual Hip Hop Pro Awards event.

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