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They attacked with their artillery; when they finished their artillery fire they attacked with their guns; when they finished their bullets they fought with bayonets; and when their bayonets were snatched they fought with knives; and then even as they were bleeding they fought with bare hands.Switch to our Internet & Home Phone Bundle and get the most out of your hard earned money.Stay connected socially, download music, enjoy online gaming, view and upload video.What had till now been known as a minor incursion by infiltrators was now threatening to engulf the two nations into a suicidal war.My friend and I had begun our usual tour of the fair; visiting booths of major companies. I still haven’t got over my bias for brown shoes acquired during those trips to Italy.‘I vividly remember that stall, and the company owner sitting stylishly having a chat with his clients. ‘As we got on with our promotional lecture, the conversation veered off to the Kargil news.“My Grandpa was in Mussolini’s army in World War-II. He told me that they were winning the war as they moved into Eastern Africa. And then, the British brought a regiment of fierce-looking warriors.

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The story will make you proud of the fact that the Indian Army is blessed with the Sikh Regiment.

Here goes the story as told by Kulveer Singh Samra: ‘That morning in May 1999, on an official trip to Italy, as I had switched on the BBC World News, I had heard the announcement that Indian Air Force had started an offensive on the Kargil peaks and there were fears of a full-fledged war with Pakistan.

Their valour and loyalty towards the nation is beyond measure.

Although these braveheart Sikhs make up to only 10 percent of the Indian Army, their stories of gallantry are countless. Two friends were on a trip to Italy, while India plunged into the Kargil War of 1999 against Pakistan, when they heard a story about Sikhs by an Italian man.

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The Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army stands tall as one of the most feared armed regiments in the world.

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