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28-May-2016 20:18

The roar of an engine can be a near deaf experience and the smell of oil can be nauseating.Some cats become so stressed their owners might feel the need to sedate them before they die of a heart attack.

However, lorazepam in limited doses is usually safe for cats.

However, lorazepam has shown to have similar anxiety reducing and sedating effects on cats and in minute doses is not toxic to them.

It is a fast acting drug and as such is used to sedate aggressive patients and can in theory work to sedate aggressive or panicked cats.

If you decide to sedate your cat yourself, keep in mind that it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Lorazepam is an anxiety medication commonly used on people.

The feline metabolism differs from that of humans and as a result many drugs and medications that work on people are just plain poison to cats.

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