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: A great host of characters and entertaining story line. (That's why there was some whining online by male anime fans, something along the lines of "women and gays are ruining anime" - I watched it just to spite them.) Other than that, the plot and characters are nothing to brag about, but I absolutely love the art. Fantasy world, but focus is on economics and trade... Usagi Drop: I love the story and it's very realistic, dealing with everyday matters etc. Black Cat: I found the manga amazing, the anime is very 'meh', but some enjoy it. Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You): Cutesy high school romance, but good to relax.

Michiko & Hatchin: Interesting in that it's set in a country inspired by Brazil. Death Note: Nice concept and good characters, art's great too. Iwatobi Swim Club: I'm not a fan of sexual fan service, but it's the first one I've seen that sexualises men in the same way female characters usually are.

This third installment introduces a new anime-only character, Rikka Hiiragi, a transfer student who can understand X Eggs. She tries to purify the eggs from remembering Amu doing Open Heart in the previous episode, but failed. Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee): I absolutely love the manga art, but haven't gotten around to reading it / watching the anime.Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan: Samurai anime based on a dating game, reverse harem, but quite good. The anime starts with Rikka, the new transfer student, waking up with dozens of X Eggs trying to wake her.

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Anime I've watched (main ones anyway)Black butler Kill la kill Shingeki no kyojin God eater Akame ga kill Sword art online All hayao Miyazaki movies Fruit basket Ouran host club Vampire knight The girl who lept through time Black bullet Code geass(It won't let me write anymore - going over word limit)Here's ones that I liked and some that I heard are popular with others: Sword of the Stranger: A 10/10 in every aspect, one of my hands down favourite anime. Gangs, high school kids, a headless biker - anything you might want. : Pretty nice and an interesting take on high school romance. Special A: Another one of the better high school romances. (I felt the same way about Kuroshitsuj.)Kuroko no Basuke: Recently made into an anime, I've only read the manga and watched a few episodes. I love the friendship between the main character and two girl friends.

Samurai movie.5 Centimetres Per Second: Definitely the most beautiful art I've seen in anime. Vampire Knight: Very popular, though I couldn't get through watching it to the end. Gakuen Alice: Brilliant manga, slightly different, unfinished anime. Skip Beat: Unfinished anime, great characters and I love how they portray acting as a profession.