Shipment consoildating software

20-Mar-2015 16:04

The definition of quality shipping process has been changed, it is not just about meeting delivery times at any cost. No one will re-load a whole trailer to re-arrange the shipments just because a few boxes didn't make it in.As a customer, you probably would be irritated to see a half-empty container or trailer at your gate, asking rhetorical question "Who is paying for all that air ? Instead of insisting on a particular delivery date and time, you would rather offer your carriers a reasonable flexibility, letting them consolidate your shipments and may be shipments of your neighbors, so you can share the savings all together. Add an extra complexity for drop-offs sequencing, various priorities for shipments, special handling rules, and the whole situation is almost out of control.If all that sounds familiar, Shipment Planner is for you.One man said: "Don't work hard, work smart" - that is what we will help you to achieve.Zero value of the index indicates "ideal" shipping time.

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