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In general, those names in the opening credits are the stars; those regulars on the credits after the opening are not currently.Naively, I would think that "Starring" cast members are under contract that they must keep themselves available for shooting/recording, while "Guest Starring" ones aren't, but does anyone know for sure if that's always the case in both categories?Also, is it always the case that an actor would prefer to be "promoted" to a "Starring" credit, or would there be drawbacks?But there can be plenty of actors listed under that.Nowadays, an actor can start out with a smaller role as a regular and eventually be promoted to a star (for example Robert David Hall on CSI).He is an actor and producer, known for Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), White Collar (2009) and ER (1994).

A "guest star" is someone who is not a regular, but is there for a single episode (though there are exceptions; for contractual reasons, Martin Landau was a guest star for most of his time on Mission: Impossible).Among regular cast, "starring" are those that are better paid and have more clout -- in other words, the bigger names.I'm guessing it's possible that she was being screwed by Fox the entire time, but maybe things aren't so simple?In general, "starring" are those under contract to the show.

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Are there different SAG rules applying in the two cases, maybe?The main reason I'm curious, btw, is because I've been rewatching the original run of Futurama, and I'm struck by the fact that Lauren Tom is a "Guest Star" throughout the entire thing, despite her character, Amy, showing up in 90%+ of the episodes.

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