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14-Nov-2014 04:38

Apparently, 60% of us love one-liners, no matter how terrifyingly inept.I also asked Twitter for examples of lines they'd used (men), or had used on them (lay-deez).Boyfriend material.' It's good to know the nation's men are gleaning their best lines from 's KIA ads. I don't know you, and thank God for that,' maybe try your line on someone else.'Oh go on, go out with me,' he pleaded, choosing the romance of a murder mystery weekend as the ideal setting to woo me.'I come with a free sticker.' Weirdly, it worked, until it turned out the sticker was of a football player (note to boys who offer free stickers: women like glitter).

Apparently, sharks hardly ever hang out in the menswear departments of clothing stores!

But I know I can't be the only woman ever to have been seduced by a corny one-liner - and now, research by dating gurus uk has proved it.

Another guy lured me in by claiming he was scared of sharks and needed someone to escort him to Benetton in case of rogue attacks.

You can imagine my shock when I discovered it was just a ruse.

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Some were hearteningly witty, others, heart-stoppingly [email protected]_Lindsay "Best I heard: 'My teeth would look great around your ankles.' Made me laugh. 'Has anyone ever told you you look like Lorraine Kelly?

He won a date."@Cous57 "I met a woman and offered her cake. ' comes a close second."@The Michael Moran "I've had a lot of success with, 'Hello, my name's Michael,' but I can see it wouldn't work for everybody."@glamlovinkitty "I once got, 'You've got beautiful eyes. ' It didn't work cos he was ugly..."@Isabel_Mohan " 'Your t**s [points at me] plus your face [points at my friend], perfect woman'!