Sexual assualt while dating

26-May-2015 22:19

back to top of questions It’s not a good idea to try and identify child molesters.Many people have a limited understanding of the causes, prevention, and impacts of childhood sexual abuse, probably because it's still a taboo subject in our culture; as are other sexual and abuse related topics. The majority of molested children are perpetrated by family members, close relatives or people who have close proximity to them.Most of these people are called incest perpetrators because they’re family members to the children.They’re not considered what is clinically called a pedophile.Pedophiles are a different class of child molesters, and are considered sexual addicts.Most people who abuse will probably be able to stop if they are held accountable, punished appropriately, and also given the proper kind of therapeutic treatment. However, for pedophile, the guilt means very little; it doesn’t prevent them from abusing again, they are obsessed with children, and act in addictive ways.If we ask about empathy rather than guilt, we find that empathy (understanding the child’s pain/point of view) is one of the key pieces in helping an abuser to stop abusing.

We don’t have a good record of stopping fixed pedophile from abusing again.In general, this is not the case with incest perpetrators.