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17-Oct-2015 21:44

Uncle will soon set her straight though the movie commits the cardinal mistake of making the eye-popping actress shed her inhibitions during that 1970s porno staple, the orgy scene, with too much attention given to other participants including genre stalwarts Barbara Moose (the bride from Claude Bernard-Aubert's LA RABATTEUSE), Belgian-born Erika Cool (from José Bénazéraf's sulfurous BORDEL SS), Nicole Natte (also seen in Jean-Claude Roy's COUPLE CHERCHE ESCLAVE SEXUEL), Hubert Géral and John Oury.

Désiré Bastareaud is the black midget butler Balthasar and would be a mainstay in Alain Payet (a/k/a "John Love") movies for over a decade to come.

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This nominally German film with minimal Belgian input (hence the short sex scenes which had to be edited down even further as hardcore was illegal there at the time), employing mostly French female talent, was much praised by various sources at the time of initial release.

Hustler even bestowed its highest rating, undoubtedly impressed by surface gloss and the luxurious Monte Carlo locations.

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