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) How would you define the type of relationship model that you seek? If you are new to polyamory and have general questions remember that we value the wisdom and involvement of our members of all ages and varying levels of experience, but at least try to do a bit of reading first.Here are a few places that will get you started: Disclaimer section: Please be respectful of other members, this group is not about finding other people to date, but about just being polyamorous / ethically non-monogamous in a community of other people who are accepting, or at least curious, about the same.It is not acceptable to solicit other people to join your poly-cule (in person or electronically). We are more than happy for friendships to spring up and for people who do discover connections in a healthy, respectful way and mutually choose to build on that (hey, life happens! There are plenty of dating sites out there, there are even other meetup groups about the same, if that is your need.Our meetup group is about building community and understanding, and supporting other non-monogamous people as they live their lives.

- 33 Portland, OR So I am dragging out on Friday night a very cool friend of mine who hasn't gotten out much in the past five years or so, and who am I to talk...You had the most beautiful smile and a slight accent.Or if you've discovered it on your own and want to talk with other people interested in that conception of relationships!If you just want to see if there are other non-monogamous people out there, you've found some of them! Learn more about it, hear other people's stories about the good times, and the not-so-good.

Looking to further your acquaintance with polyamory and the Portland-area folks who practice it? Whether you are single, in a couple, triad or more you deserve all the love, joy, pampering and nourishing you want and more!Portland Polyamory is a social group for people interested in ethical non-monogamy. This is NOT a group for people looking to cheat on non-consenting partners.