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26-Jun-2016 14:40

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Bullying happens when there is an imbalance of power; where someone purposely and repeatedly says or does hurtful things to someone else.

Bullying can occur one on one or in a group(s) of people.

As a bystander, know that you have the power to stop the bullying.

60% of the time, bullying stops in less than 10 seconds when someone steps in (Kids Help Phone).

It can follow a victim everywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from school, to the mall and all the way into the comfort of their home - usually safe from traditional forms of bullying.

Over time, youth who are bullied or bully others find their own ways of dealing with it.

If you are a victim of bullying If you know someone who is being bullied...

You can visit the DOJ website for further information by clicking here Members of the public can exchange a firearm within a specific band (1-on-1-off transaction). The £15 payment will be carried out electronically through the secure Government website, ‘NI Direct Pay It’ process.

The following are the steps to making a successful payment.