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Drew will play you some incredible music from this season’s LIVE on TDMS performers, interview some Camino Gurus (to help Drew prepare for his 2 month pilgrimage on The Camino de Santiago), he’ll replay some of the most compelling personal journeys that made a real impact on him, talk about some current issues with some of his buddies on an extended version of The Pub Crawl, and of course play some Useless TV Trivia with YOU!

For those with a sense of humor who enjoy parodies, here is the Flintstone-ian Rhapsody: Is this a modernor stone-age family? Sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time"Here he's admitting to himself that it's his time- he can no longer deny that he is more attracted to men.

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He didn't believe he was as special as he really was, which is very sad when you think about it..."Too late, my time has come.

This theme of no one caring about him, is not only a huge theme in the song- but also in Freddie''s real life.

If the Committee votes to lift the caps, thousands of local New York City vendors will finally be able to own and operate their businesses.… continue reading »

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