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29-Dec-2015 19:14

All of California's neighboring states have a higher tax (AZ = .00, NV = .80, OR = .32).

The proposed .00 tax might sound steep, but it would still be a lower tax than 8 other states.

In fact, Prop 56 will generate million for school-based tobacco prevention programs. California's new tobacco control laws are now in effect In 2016, California achieved the tremendous accomplishment of strengthening its smokefree air law by closing many workplace loopholes.

The new law went into effect on June 9, and requires non-hospitality workplaces to be 100% smokefree.

There are 116 municipalities that enacted local laws that do not contain the same loopholes as the state law and qualify as 100% smokefree for non-hospitality workplaces.

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Californians, vote YES on Prop 56 - Don't believe Big Tobacco's lies.

Have you heard about California's Prop 56 which would raise the tobacco tax by .00?