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And although you might hear a few prim grumbles over the church bingo table about “the gays,” our pretty relaxed, live-and-let-live attitude means that Milwaukee is a comfortable place for queers.

This being Wisconsin, we even have a weird, German-like word for this feeling of being in a cozy crowd, eating and drinking, and just being accepted the way you are: “gemütlichkeit.” Look it up.

The charge followed an investigation that began in late March, when Somerset County detectives met with the Diocese of Metuchen's finance director, who alerted authorities that Lee was a suspect in a continuing probe into incidents of theft from the Home and School Association, authorities said.

After 20 years in Milwaukee, I’ve heard all of the stereotypes: We subsist on cheese and beer. We talk like those Minnesotans in “Fargo.” We must be so fat from eating all that cheese and beer and riding around on our Harleys that you can see us from cruising altitude above Flyover Country, dotting the urban landscape like so many polar-fleeced Holsteins.

Joseph School's Home and School Association in North Plainfield has been indicted on a charge of theft following an investigation that revealed more than ,500 in cash donations were stolen from four school-sponsored events, including an entertainment book fundraiser and a theater field trip.

Milwaukeeans do love cheese and beer, and we have an unnatural fondness for bowling, and we are consistently rated one of the drinking-est, fattest cities in the country.

And if the sun happens to come out and it’s over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the sound of Harleys breaks out across the city like the buzz of an angry bees’ nest. What these half-truths add up to is exactly what makes Milwaukee a great place to visit: We like to enjoy ourselves, make noise, get outside, soak up the sun, eat, drink, and party.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we’re going to show you a good time.

In a statement on its web site Thursday, the Legionaries of Christ reported that Maciel, who was born in the Mexican state of Michoacán in 1920, died in the United States, but did not provide further details.

NEW JERSEY Home News Tribune By MICHAEL DEAK • Staff Writer • July 31, 2008 NORTH PLAINFIELD —The former president of St.

I’m going to get to the really good stuff here in just a sec, but I can’t talk about Milwaukee without talking about race.