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Mc Kiness strongly disagreed with the proposal, wanting Chambers to remain in custody."I think that the central issue is going to be whether or not the defendant constitutes a danger to the community or not," Magistrate Judge Moyer said, pointing out Chambers' history of working as a church leader."All this looks, frankly, like the fox inside the chicken coop," Magistrate Judge Moyer said.

"And frankly, I'm very concerned with that."At that point, Mc Kiness rose to present evidence in the case against Chambers: evidence that until now has not been made public.

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Judah pointed out that Chambers has no criminal history of any kind.

When investigators asked Chambers why he kept visiting the man's home when he knew it was wrong, Chambers replied that he was worried that the man would turn him in for what he had done."I was scared," he said in the recorded interview prosecutors played for the judge. I thought, 'Oh Lord, do I...should I do anything about this?