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Records include registers, affidavits, certificates, and statements.Addresses and links to offices and repositories listed in the inventory: Main Malheur County Web site: Office and Storage Area: Courthouse, 251 B St West, Vale, OR 97918; Clerk's Office and Storage Area: Courthouse, 251 B St West, Vale, OR 97918; Commission on Children and Families Office: 1178 SW 4th St Ste 2, Ontario, OR 97914; County Fair Office: 975 NW 9th St, Ontario, OR 97914; Courthouse Basement Storage Rooms and Areas: No public access.

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If the title is only in brackets [ ], the record has no external identifying information.Text inside the brackets includes either exact title information from the inside of the volume, box, etc. Aerial Photographs 1909-1978 Series provides visual documentation of changes made to county lands through development and by natural and man-made disasters.The program was intended to control the threat to livestock.Examples of targeted animals include coyote, cougar, mountain lion, panther, wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and wolf.

The photographs are taken at intervals along a series of flight paths to attain coverage of all or part of a county.

They generally include flight path or township, range, and section numbers; show natural and man-made features; and are produced in black and white or color prints to varying scales. Records at the Malheur County Courthouse, Assessor's Office: [Aerial Photos-with index], 1978 (401 photographs).