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13-Sep-2016 14:10

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In the latest study, scientists at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts, tracked the sexual activity of men aged between 40 and 70 who were taking part in a long-term project called the Massachusetts Male Ageing Study, which began back in 1987.

At regular points over a 16-year period, each man was quizzed on how often they had sex and then checked for signs of heart disease.

The Berks County District Attorney had no additional comment as the homicide investigation is ongoing.

Although sex has long been regarded as good for physical and mental health, there has been little scientific evidence to show the full benefits that frequent intercourse can have on major illnesses such as heart disease.

Upon entering the home, officers discovered the bodies of Megan, her husband Mark, their three children and the family’s dog, all of whom died from gunshot wounds, according to police.

Police believe the “tragic domestic incident” to be a murder-suicide after discovering a handwritten note at the scene.

But sex in some forms has a physical activity component that might directly serve to protect cardiovascular health.

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In a report on their findings, researchers said the benefits of sex could be due to both the physical and emotional effects on the body.

Men with the desire for frequent sexual activity and who are able to engage in it are likely to be healthier.