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23-Apr-2016 00:44

While her questions centered on workplace discrimination, her ideas bolster the stories of legal and ideological discrimination from across Idaho that lawmakers heard on Jan. A spectrum of research, including Burdge’s, show that there’s no single answer to Walsh’s question.

The answers come from layers of analysis that look at culture, social interactions, social structures, power and control.

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A few lawmakers took the opportunity, searching for minor clarifications, but those ready to testify had questions of their own. ” “Why would you not want to add protections for all Idahoans? Manchester University (Indiana) sociologist Barbara J. Burdge has asked many of same questions that Idaho civil rights advocates are asking, including “Why?

Preachers, families, grandmas, students and Idahoans from the far reaches of the state — and even out of state — filled the lines that eventually packed the hearing’s auditorium, overflowed the overflow rooms and crowded the Statehouse’s main hallway. “We already voted on this in 2006,” the opponent to the Add the Words bill or HB 002, said, referring to 2006 anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment that Idahoans approved and that has recently been overturned by a federal court.

Some had waited for eight years to testify at the Jan. “You’re allowing a few people to influence the entire state,” he wanted to tell lawmakers. “I fear for her safety on a daily basis,” she said.

Burdge’s multi-pronged approach suggests that lawmakers’ reluctance to legislate LGBT protections reflects a larger pattern of exclusion that is, “simultaneously created and reinforced by a network of social policies affecting numerous facets of [LGBT] persons’ individual lives.” Burdge finds that those seeking civil right protections should study the local historical, social and political context and appeal to shared values and rhetorical “pressure points” in pressing their case.

Steve Mounkes of Wilder stood in a line that wound from the west end of the Idaho State Capitol through the corridors on Monday, past the rotunda and into the Statehouse’s east wing. Mounkes wanted to know why Idaho was even having the “add the words” conversation that was slated to fill the morning of Jan.

The four-person-broad line moved slowly as people prepared their testimony for House State Affairs Committee members about why Idaho should or should not add the words “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to the Idaho Human Rights Act. 26 with testimony and then resume again in the evening.

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