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According to a US survey, 9 in 10 offices will hold a Christmas party this year, mainly as a way to boost staff morale.But the partying doesn’t stop there for a lot of us during the festive period - let's look at some more stats.Britons consume 40% more alcohol than the usual monthly average during December.

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Online dating sites report huge increases in traffic over the festive period. A surprising 46.1% of men and 37.4% of women told pollsters that they'd had an affair with a co-worker.Whether we take teenagers crippled by PTSD and shrapnel wounds or eight-year-olds who could beat Andy Murray at singles should be immaterial.This is a humanitarian crisis, not a Britain’s Got Talent-style audition process If Trump is doing nothing more than parroting popular opinions in the US, then it’s not controversial to think women don’t deserve bodily autonomy or that they should give up their jobs rather than tackle an ingrained culture of misogyny In 1978, Margaret Thatcher claimed that 'there may be poverty because people don’t know how to budget, don’t know how to spend their earnings, but now you are left with the really hard fundamental character – personality defect' As someone who is not so much on the housing ladder as standing directly underneath the scaffolding while thousands of well-heeled pensioners periodically dump buckets of their own sewage onto my head, there’s only so hard I can laugh when I hear gags about the three Brexiteers squeezing a bunk-bed into a mansion The rent I’ve paid in London since I left UCL has steadily increased by around £80 per month.I’ve lived on people’s floors and sofas, inside a friend’s airing cupboard and in a condemned property without glass in the windows Believing in wealth creation for wealth creation’s sake means believing in loopholes, in back-handers, in turning a blind eye to human rights abuses and unsavoury attitudes and discriminatory practices when it’s “necessary” Those pictures of him protesting against South African apartheid – they’re all very well for a history book, but nowadays we turn a blind eye to women lacking human rights in Saudi Arabia because that’s the way the world works Adulthood to me means knowing I’ll never be a pawn in a parental dispute.

I’ll never have to sit for hours at a table staring down food that makes me want to vomit.It's your BOSS who's more likely to drunkenly wind up in A&E, rather than the spotty young intern.