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25-Mar-2015 10:09

With an acknowledging nod to all the beautiful scenery in the Natural State -- and especially Hot Springs National Park -- even the Arkansas Convention and Visitors Bureau agreed that the view of the Little Rock skyline from the Clinton Presidential Center is the prettiest place in all of Arkansas.

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It’s basically a giant floating river of ice in a perfect Alaskan mountain valley, and it is best viewed from within the 229-acre Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site. Wow, who knew Mother Nature could make something that looks as cool as what they create over at Pixar?

Created completely out of paper mache by Disney in 1956... Anyway, the tropical turquoise falls in the Havasu Canyon (in the Western part of the Grand Canyon) are the kind of oasis you’re only used to seeing with the help of CGI, and they're surrounded by the equally spectacular Navajo, Mooney, and Beaver Falls.