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Highlighting the activists—some famous and some unknown beyond their own communities—who have sought to bridge the distance between indigenous cultures and the U. In this important book, respected scholar and anthropologist Peter Nabokov writes of a wide range of sacred places in Native America.

ATLAS OF INDIAN NATIONS by Anton Treuer In the most comprehensive atlas of Native American history and culture available, the story of the North American Indian is told through maps, photos, art, and archival cartography.

2 November 2016 November is Native American Heritage Month and current events are shining a light on this nation’s sad history of Native-American relations.

Many, including famous actors and activists, have taken up the cause of the Native people in protests over the North Dakota pipeline.

THE LAKOTAS AND THE BLACK HILLS: THE STRUGGLE FOR SACRED GROUND by Jeffrey Ostler The Lakota Indians made their home in the majestic Black Hills mountain range during the last millennium, drawing on the hills’ endless bounty for physical and spiritual sustenance.Yet the arrival of white settlers brought the Lakotas into inexorable conflict with the changing world, at a time when their tribe would produce some of the most famous Native Americans in history, including Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse.Disparaging stereotypes have plagued tribal members for decades.In contrast, Native expand cultures in the Americas were far from uncivilized or savage.

THIS INDIAN COUNTRY: AMERICAN INDIAN ACTIVISTS AND THE PLACE THEY MADE by Frederick Hoxie In this bold and sweeping counter narrative to our conventional understanding of Native American history, celebrated academic historian Frederick E.

Hoxie presents the story of Native American political activism—a chronicle that spans more than two hundred years. WHERE THE LIGHTNING STRIKES: THE LIVES OF AMERICAN INDIAN SACRED PLACES by Peter Nabokov For thousands of years, Native Americans have told stories about the powers of revered landscapes and sought spiritual direction at mysterious places in their homelands.