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In the African American Community where I have served for most of my priesthood, dressing up for Church and women wearing hats and veils, hung on a lot longer, but it too has largely subsided.I read an article in the Washington Post yesterday that largely read the funeral rites over hat wearing in the Black congregations.Iowa vital marriage records may legally be accessed by the registrant, the spouse, children, legal parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, or legal representative or guardian.Vital records can be ordered online, by mail, by phone, or in person.There’s still a few with the “ole time religion” but they are far fewer.Veils became popular in the later 1950s and 1960s before head coverings for women (and men) all but disappeared in the late 1960s (along with just about everything elegant). Women and girls always wore a dress and a veil or hat.

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Iowa marriage records are managed by the Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Health Statistics.

Marriage records dating from July 1, 1880 to present are included.

Certified copies of marriage records can also be obtained through the county registrar's office, excluding records between the years 1921 to 1941.

Access to records at the county registrar have no restrictions and are open to the general public.

Yeah, I know, I am hopelessly out of date and some of you feel judged.

But I’m just going to say it again, I miss the fact that we almost never dress up any more, and that things like hats, jackets and ties for men, formal and pretty dresses for women, veils (or hats) in Church are gone.

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