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03-May-2016 06:53

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I suffer from OCD/PANIC/PHOBIAS and most recently i cannot stop thinking about the act of swallowing.

I believe it stems from my obsession with breathing or the inability to do so. From this I have developed a habit cough and a spitting 'tic' which means i get through more tissues than the average human!

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And the more I think about it and the more I try to "control" it, the more messed up it gets.

I know its gross and really want to stop, but I can't!

Swallowing for me has switched from a subconcious act to a VERY concious one! I would appriciate any advice on how to get over such an obsession! I had a panic attack a few months back and my throat totally closed up on me, I have had trouble swallowing ever since!

Thanks Allie THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD IS NOT THE VOICE OF GOD. I swallow over and over and over until I have no more saliva and my throat and esophogus are super dry!Once that happens a panic attack is right around the corner. It's supposed to be automatic, but I do it consciously.

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