Sex chat through texts

23-Jan-2016 13:45

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Don't be fooled by the innocent sounding name -- this app is a prime vehicle for sexual predators to locate targets.Within hours of installing this app on his phone, my child was receiving random explicit invitations for photo sharing.

works on almost any smartphone, but both sender and recipient must have installed this app and have each other as contacts in their phones to use it.An "S" on a message indicates it's been sent, "D" means delivered, and "R" appears next to a message when it's been opened.There's no limit to the number of characters per message, and photos can be taken directly from within the app.Some capabilities, however, such as the video, sketchpad, and other features that are promoted as regular tools within -enabled apps within itself is a way to drive "app adoption" (purchases) from its users for developers.

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Upon registering, teens are encouraged to allow messages to be sent to everyone in their phone's address book about signing up for the service, since users can only message those who also have this app.

should only be used by teens who can discern the difference between texting people individually, with groups, and within a social networking environment.

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