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The invention drew utility from RELATING genomic- and organismic fractal properties.

"Methods" were as described in the body of application, plus ~750 pages of "Incorporation by Reference" ("should be treated as part of the text of the application as filed", see US Law 2163.07(b)). 18, 2007 are handled as "Trade Secrets", as customary in the strongest combination of Intellectual Property Portfolios.

Two times seven years after the Human Genome Project (2000-2007 Encode-I first concluding that "Junk DNA is anything but" and the Central Dogmatism proven to be one of the most harmful mistakes "of the history of molecular biology", followed by the wilderness of 2007-2014.

Credentials of Eric Schadt, with double-degree mathematician, Ph. in bio-mathematics, a sterling record of Merck, Pacific Biosciences and now Director of 0 M "Mount Sinai Institute for Genomics and Multi-scale Biology", plus his non-biased (straight as an arrow academic and personal integrity), would be extremely difficult to beat globally to form an independent professional judgement, based on top-command on both bio-mathematics and information theory & technology.

Q [Theral Timpson, Mendelspod]: I have read that you are a Ph. Characteristically, even Eric Lander heralded globally the "nothing is true of the most important fundamental assumptions" (but put in 2009 the Hilbert-fractal of the genome, just two weeks after George Church invited to his Cold Spring Harbor Meeting Dr. Detractors had to swallow their (sometimes ugly) words - with the only "alternative theory" of "mathematically solid and software-enabling Fracto Gene" a random sample of metaphors that "genome regulation is turning genes on and off", or that "the genome is a language" (found not to be true twenty years ago, see Flam 1994).

From 2000 to 2014 genomics essentially existed "a new science without valid or even universally agreed upon definitions of theoretical axioms".

Communication regarding Intellectual Property of any kind, including but not limited to patents, trade secrets, know-how associated with Dr.

Pellionisz must be strictly gated by "Attorney Kevin Roe, Esq.

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Q: I have recently met a Hungarian-American scientist, [What is the significance of Eric Schadt' confirmation of Fracto Gene (the utility derived from fractal genome growing fractal organisms)?Eric Schadt's academic endorsement of Fracto Gene consistently goes back to 2010 (if the theory that fractal genotype is found to be experimentally linked to fractal phenotype, "it would be truly revolutionary"). Schadt, leading academic centers are likely to gain intellectual leadership to schools of advanced studies, where non-profit applications (see below already over a thousand) are streamlined by a thought leader of non-linear dynamics as the intrinsic mathematics of living systems.