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10-Jan-2016 21:57

In previous articles, I’d written about actual signs an ex is still interested in you and common pitfalls to watch out for (you can read those here: Sure Signs Your Ex Wants You Back and Signs Your Ex Wants You Back – Sneaky Signs Your Ex Still Cares ).

With this article I wanted to take a different angle.

They do it for one or more of the following reasons: They tap into a weakness of yours, which is the part of you that wants them to want you, and uses that to get their own needs met. would they ever consider getting back together seriously? See, it depends on how you behave to counteract your ex’s behaviour as well as how much the bad weighs against the good in your partner’s eyes.

Your ex girlfriend or boyfriend need to feel: I cover many of these aspects in my book, The Ex Recovery System and The Ex Recovery System’s 12 Week Bootcamp.

The thing you’re missing is HOW you can take back control and power over the relationship, so YOU are the one calling the shots.

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You’re dealing with an Emotional Tease and possibly an ex lover who is taking advantage of you.People who display these behaviours are generally emotion-dependent on their former partners (you).How you behave has a lot to do with mindset and what you’re doing to be happy with yourself and your own conscious growth.It’s also important you do not fall into the friendship trap.

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Many people fall for this as they believe being friends mean that being extremely nice to the ex and doing everything for them will eventually make them come back. If you’re currently stuck in this position and scrambling to find sure signs your ex wants you back, you are missing an important piece of the puzzle!The piece is NOT whether your ex shows you signs, because like I have said above, your ex could be begging to sleep with you but that doesn’t mean they want to get back together.

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