Setting and updating of system components

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setting and updating of system components-4

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There is no deinstallation option with the Patch Set Installer.Before you run Patch Set Installer, you should stop all servers and processes.Before you begin your patch installation, you should back up your Middleware home directory, your Domain home directory, and your Oracle instances.If your patch installation in unexpectedly interrupted, or if you choose to cancel out of the installation before it is complete, you may not be able to install the patch unless you restore your environment to the previous configuration before running the Patch Set Installer again.This chapter describes how to use the Patch Set Installer to patch your existing Oracle Fusion Middleware software to the latest version, which is Release

setting and updating of system components-4


See Appendix B, "Using Patch Assistant to Migrate from 11 The Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Web Center, and Oracle Application Developer installers can be used by existing customers to patch an existing Oracle Fusion Middleware installation, or they can be used to install a fresh Oracle Fusion Middleware environment.For these products, you download the same software and run the same installer to perform both functions.If you are patching an existing environment, use the instructions in this guide.If you are a new Oracle Fusion Middleware user, refer to the product installation guides for information about installing and configuring a new Oracle Fusion Middleware environment: If you are patching an existing Oracle Web Center installation, refer to Chapter 5, "Patching Oracle Web Center".

More information about distributed topologies can be found in the Enterprise Deployment Guide for your specific product.The following provides links to additional information for each of the patching steps.