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If you have to get old, Germany isn't a bad place to do so.

As well as generous state pensions, German senior citizens enjoy a host of benefits during their twilight years.

» More Facts According To Sex Surveys: » Adults have sex 57 times a year, or about once a week. Then again, "Coffee users may be more liberal in their sexual behavior." Then again, maybe they just can't fall asleep.

We looked at some of the bigger guys like Adult Friend Finder and saw they were having trouble staying relevant in this new mobile landscape, they are kind of big and bulky."Tinder's easy swipe feature seems in some way geared towards casual dating — if not outright casual sex — but Mixxxer minces no words. It's early yet, but certainly one of the hurdles for the platform's future growth will be ensuring privacy on those nudes.

The current method is a "shower door" pixelated filter optionally applied to photos.

Among all people, married or not, happy people are having sex 64.5 times per year compared with 55.5 for those who are "pretty happy" and 49.5 for those that are "unhappy." Some other surveys report that men on the average have sex 66.4 times during the year, and women reported having intercourse 50.6 times.

While the world of apps at large might be entering into toddlerhood, dating apps are still infants in a lot of ways, battling browser-based originals including e Harmony,, and more obviously for the millennial set, Ok Cupid.

Married people who say they are the happiest have the most sex.

Whether happy people have more sex, or more sex makes you happy, researchers don't know.