Self liquidating debt

18-Mar-2016 10:03

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The company has also secured commitments for 0 million in new debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing from a group of first and second lien lenders to keep the company afloat during the restructuring.

The Sun Edison Yield Cos, Terra Form Power and Terra Form Global, are not involved in the filing.

Until this most recent news, many in the solar industry were holding out a thread of hope that bankrupt Sun Edison could somehow recover and continue in a diminished but intact capacity. According to a report in Spark Spread, Sun Edison’s restructuring agent, Rothschild, is “soliciting bids for the bankrupt company’s asset portfolio in what is expected to result in an outright liquidation of the developer.” That’s an approximately 4-gigawatt to 5-gigawatt collection of operating and development assets, according to reports. Sun Edison has not made a final decision on liquidating its portfolio, according to Spark Spread, but it appears that the renewable energy developer is unlikely to refinance and re-emerge from this self-inflicted financial implosion.

GTM sources suggest that at least 1 gigawatt of Sun Edison’s projects are under construction and expected to come on-line sometime in 2016.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Head of Solar, Jenny Chase, comments, “Sun Edison’s bankruptcy says more about the company’s strategic decisions than about the solar industry as a whole.

Comparable companies Sun Power and First Solar have managed a develop-and-sell business profitably over the past three years.” She adds, “What has distinguished Sun Edison has been the relentless and unfocused pursuit of growth, in which it has invested vast amounts of borrowed money.

in a meeting “earlier this month with some senior managers at Sun Edison’s offices in California, Mr.

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