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To ensure you're using the appropriate tone in your interactions, do research on the company culture before reaching out.

"There are many ways to engage with an organization.

Most of the time, success boils down to putting your best face forward, being sincere about your wants and needs, and, yes, even making compromises. Insincerity is very obvious, and you won’t get a call back," she says.

Here are a few basic guidelines that ring true for both work and romance: Anyone who has dabbled in the world of online dating knows that the initial outreach is key. When reaching out to potential employers, it's crucial to present yourself in the most professional manner possible.

The job search and the dating game share some common ground when it comes to finding the perfect match.

If you're looking for "the one" — whether it's your dream girl or your dream job — waiting for the phone to ring can certainly be anxiety-inducing. Mary Gay Townsend, senior managing director for One Wire Managed Services, offers the advice that sincerity is key.

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The absolute key with all of them is relevance, context and authenticity.Keep your messages short, meaningful and to-the-point," says Arran Stewart, CTO of My Job

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