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18-Nov-2014 17:23

All of the ones listed below are as certain as certain gets in the world of US TV commissioning, and as a bonus, there’s a wee list of sci-fi and fantasy pilots to look forward to should they be picked up by their respective networks.

You’ll find this one among our running total of movies currently being turned into TV shows, for obvious reasons.’ Amanda Shull as virologist Dr Cassandra Railly.

The official press release describes Campbell's character as "an ageing lothario and chainsaw-handed monster who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead." Sam Raimi's involved too, with longtime collaborator Rob Tapert.

Raimi will direct the first episode (which he co-wrote with brother Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy) then step back to an executive producer role.

Cox is joined by Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio in the thirteen episode season, which was originally developed by Drew Goddard ( is the story of a crew on board a derelict spaceship who awake from stasis with no memories of their identity or what brought them there.

It’s being sold as “an entertaining space opera” by Syfy, which has ordered thirteen episodes of the new show, due to air in the US in the next couple of years.

The show will have one more episode than it does monkeys, with a run of thirteen making its way to Syfy in the New Year. This one needs no introduction from us, but here's one anyway.

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That’s been gender-swapped and gone to Emily Hampshire.

Galavant is the name of the show’s eponymous hero, a young man on a quest to avenge himself against an evil King who stole his one true love.

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