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Yes, talk about your actual feelings, not only love, but shock, disappointment, regret, anything that you are actually feeling as you write.Maybe you should try a letter to smooth things over.Here are some tips on how to write a broken heart love letter.And when you did, you made the awful discovery that he or she felt nothing for you like the feeling you had just expressed.You are now the owner of a broken heart, due to that old tragic plot device – unrequited love.Because in fact, the person you just gushed about your love to would rather simply be friends, as you had always been.But now everything would be different, because he or she knew your real feelings, and how could you just be a friend knowing that?If you approach this letter as a message of love, you’ll have the right attitude.

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Review your history together, starting with the first time you met.

If you have dated, talk about the places you’ve been and the memories you cherish of happier times.