Ryan buell dating anyone

16-Feb-2016 15:24

During the Eighties, Bowie’s focus shifted from music to acting.

’When they emerged, Bowie kissed the girl on the cheek, shook her hand, and said, ‘Thank you,’ and off she went, charmed to the toes by Bowie, always among the most sexually liberated – and well-mannered – of rock stars.

More than 40 years on, happily and monogamously married to the Somalian model Iman for the past 22 of those, David Bowie is a grand old man of rock – respected, all-powerful and both elusive and reclusive.

But as he bathes in a new wave of critical acclaim, it’s easy to forget that Bowie’s was a career founded not just on a spectacular musical talent and a fearless style, but also on a casual yet highly ambitious attitude to sexual adventuring.

From a young age, Bowie glided relentlessly from one carnal experience to the next.

Without introducing them, Horton took Napier-Bell aside and put forward the following proposition: ‘He said that if I were to agree to come in on the management, he would allow me to have sex with his young protégé,’ says Napier-Bell.

The punch that permanently damaged the pupil in his left eye at the age of 14 – giving the sense that his eyes are different colours – was over a girl he had attempted to steal from his classmate and best friend George Underwood.

When early manager Ralph Horton invited rock manager Simon Napier-Bell to take a 50-50 deal to become co-manager of Davie Jones and The Lower Third, the band’s handsome, blond 17-year-old singer was a key part of the package.