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We specialize in connecting relationship-minded western men with beautiful ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, Asia, who are searching for love and romance and willing to create a happy family.But some who had seen the entire programme provided context that at least explained what had led to the attack. She was hitting him, and others in the show multiple times, also spitting, cursing, etc.He just snapped, like most others would,' wrote one commenter.The rules of such competitions stipulate than contestants must keep their hands on the prize for as long as possible.If they let go they lose their place in the competition. A horn sounds as he lets go of the car and forfeits his place in the competition.His victim lies on the floor, clutching her face, until a presenter wanders over and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Another said: 'She was antagonizing everyone on that set.

Spitting on them, cursing at them, hitting them with shit, slapping them.