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Rabbi Ovadia Yosef stated: "If the heads and commanders of the army, together with the government, state that saving of life is involved; that if areas of Israel are not given back, the danger exists of immediate war on the part of our Arab neighbors; and if the areas are returned to them, the danger of war will be averted; and that there is a chance of permanent peace; then it seems that according to all opinions it is permitted to return areas of Israel in order to achieve this aim, since nothing is more important than the saving of life." In setting diplomatic policy, one general principle is that we should not do anything that will cause a severe backlash from the nations of the world.(Talmud – Ketubot 111a) One possible solution to the crisis is to ensure that Arabs are educated in the ways of democracy, so they will see the benefit of upholding any agreements, and will protest against elements in their society that seek an all-or-nothing solution.(Years earlier, King Henry III had forced Jews to pay half the value of their property in taxes, and ordered Jewish worship in synagogue to be held quietly so that Christians would not have to hear it.) Following the expulsion, Jews would not return to England for 350 years, when the policy was reversed by Oliver Cromwell in 1655.Do not feel any less self-esteem or become upset if other people speak or act condescendingly to you. Being an honored person is dependent on your behavior towards others and not on other people's behavior toward you. When he came to shul one day and announced that his wife had given birth to a son, his face was less than glowing with happiness.

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Is it permitted to disengage from areas of the West Bank, which constitutes the biblical heartland of Israel?Through news reports, I am able to keep up with what seem to be very frightening developments that world powers are trying to impose on our beloved Land of Israel.