Running out of things to talk about online dating

27-Oct-2015 17:25

It hits a dead end and most of the times either you eject or try as useless as possible to drag the conversation on by bringing up a boring topic.You’re definitely not the first person and you’re not the last person to experience this.Have you ever had the issue where you’re talking to a girl and things are going great!Then, you just have no idea how to move the conversation.Let’s have a look: The trick to having good conversational skills is to be ready to tell your stories whether the girl is standing there or not. You need to develop the art of storytelling where you are so excited by your own story, and its so funny or amazing that you want to tell it just for the sake of telling it!Whether it’s to an old man, a 21 year old stunning girl, or even a brick wall, your story is still so bad ass that you can elicit emotions from anyone.You want to get to the point that if you tell the story and the girl walks away, you won’t even notice because you’re so invested and so hyped up about your story!

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So what should you do so you won’t run out of things to say?

In this video I discuss several points that have helped me keep conversations going in any situation.