Rules for internet dating

02-May-2015 22:48

I've been looking hard at the profiles of women on dating websites and conclude that many of them seek qualities that I don't have.But I still find it difficult to identify quite what is so off-putting about me. Thanks to the many readers who have written in to share their experiences, from the awful to the ecstatic, I now have lots of ways to make your internet dating experiment more fun and less emotionally hazardous."Some were more successful than others, but I rarely had a bad experience and genuinely enjoyed the social interaction." When Jackie decided to end her rural isolation and move to a new town, she "started internet dating again in a brand new area.It was a fantastic way to meet people and develop a busy social life from a base of zero friends." She, too, is now happily in love - but I'll come to that later. I don't mean you should lose your heart, just that you should take online dating seriously."With trepidation, I registered my details with a couple of sites. However, I subsequently met a man with whom, seven months ago, I fell in love.He is now part of my life and I no longer feel lonely."Some amusing email chat eventually led to a few dates. I'm now five years into a relationship with one of those 'dates', and long may it continue.I would urge anyone who is lonely to give internet dating a try." Women like men who make them laugh.

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Jane went online after she was widowed at the age of 59. "One seemed hopeful, but it turned out he was only wonderful when sober.So my advice to anyone is to give it a try - if you are careful, it can be a good experience." Jackie, another widow at 46, found that internet dating sites were "a great way of meeting new people and getting back into the world again.If I was feeling a bit glum it was relatively easy to line up a couple of dates and have something in my diary to look forward to.Many of you were disgruntled, even hurt, that people you approached online didn't reply. Make sure that your profile is fresh, amusing and different. If you find this hard, take the example of get a friend to write it for you.

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But others pointed out that lots of people haven't signed up for full membership, which allows them to reply to emails. If you're going to try this way of meeting people, do it as if you mean it. Mark obviously obeyed this rule because, after his marriage broke up, he spent "some considerable time" getting his profile right and was immediately emailed by interested women.So, men, you should write an amusing profile that grabs their attention.

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