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Is it our climate, or is it the mad pursuit of the “mighty dollar” that makes so many American martyrs to what is known as “nervous prostration.” No doubt both are potent factors of what threatens to become the great national weakness.In view of this condition of things, it is a comfort to know that there are places dedicated to the care and fate of the victims of nervous disorders.

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A good many people besides the doctors are beginning to realize that nervous diseases are alarmingly on the increase.

To use that abominable word which nowadays parades all newspaperdom, nerves are the most “prominent” complaints of the nineteenth century - at least, on this side of the water.

Then there are barns, stables, boiler-houses, etc., etc., altogether Quite a Little Settlement A well-kept carriage-drive winds in and out among the giant evergreens that are among the chief beauties of the place, and brings you to a great quaint Queen Anne structure, made up partly of wood and partly of pudding stone, phenomenally gifted with gables, and breaking out all over with balconies.

A first glance gives the comforting assurance that there is at least a balcony apiece for every patient.

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No woman who has enjoyed the privileges and benefits and beauties of this house of healing but has blessed the name of the late Seth Adams of Newton, to whom it owes its existence.The will of its founder provided that it should be “for the benefit of the indigent, debilitated nervous people who are not insane, inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as may be in need of the benefits of a curative institution”; but its charter authorizes it also to “receive and care for persons not indigent, who may otherwise be suitable for treatment in the institution, on payment of reasonable compensation for such treatment, the same to be determined by its managers.”Incorporated in 1877 and first opened for patients in 1880, the asylum owns real and personal estate assessed at upwards of 0,000.

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