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07-Aug-2015 00:31

Charon is a game-developer of RPG games, using the RPG Maker for their games.

Charon has overall used Pixel Art and sprites to develop their games and as for the gameplay; it's mostly revolved around stories rather than game play.

For Charon's games, most of the endings involve 'bad endings' and at least one 'good ending'.

Although the 'good endings' are named 'true endings' and rather the endings are in no particular way good all the time.

CHARON uses a mixture of horror and Yandere troupe in their games; and a style of visual novel rather than interactive gameplay.

In most of their games, CHARON leaves small puzzles such as interacting with items or people which could result to an ending.

Although most endings result in the male characters death.By downloading it, a set of instructions is usually given and gives advice about endings, without giving detailed information about the ending.The characters CHARON uses is usually with the protagonist being male and their name ending with -rou.However most gameplay is short and often results to one true end and the others being bad endings.

The player would have to complete the true ending in order to finish the game.

• Multiple Endings: Her games have at least two endings available.