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Die Dreharbeiten sind beendet, Neuseeland Vergangenheit. Lee und Richard sind zurück in der Realität und beide haben gelernt, dass Liebe manchmal nicht ausreicht, um miteinander glücklich zu werden... Fortsetzung von "Love is a four letter word" Richard Armitage knows Lee Pace since they are both kids. So, yeah - life gets a whole more complicated and the way Lee looks at him doesn´t make it easier at all.

It isn't too hot a day in upstate New York, but Richard's sweating like hell anyway.

In the summer of of 1999 Twenty year old Lee Pace is bored out of his mind.

There are many reasons for that, but the main one is that he has yet to spent another summer at „Blooms.“ The family resort he has been dragged to every single year since he was twelve.

He should be ecstatic, but all he feels is numb and lost.

It's been two years since Richard Armitage and Lee Pace have last been confronted with the terror organisation Black Fall.

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Maybe this time it will be different, he decides, eyes landing on charmingly moody dance instructor Richard Armitage. So he has no problem with Lee finally moving away to persue his dream of acting, right?

- Inspired by Dirty Dancing, with a twist :) There can be no beginning, there can be no beginning, if there's no end... Richard is a teacher, married and has two lovely children. There is that lovely Mechanic from down the street he just can´t get his eyes off.