Renee paquette dating

15-Dec-2015 19:16

But she also has a very laid back side to her personality, a blunt side, a casual side, and a geeky side.

She receives multiple marriage proposals every day, along with many sickening sexual tweets.

She handles herself with pure class and dignity, and she has never let her celebrity status get to her head.

She also hosts a daily sports review show that looks at all the major issues happening in the world of sports.

Born just east of Toronto, Renee studied acting at Second City in Toronto and headed out to Hollywood in pursuit of an acting career.

What makes her so lovable is her bubbly personality and sense of humour.One of the best sarcastic and quick witted people you will ever see on tv, which is perfect for the world of sports, in an environment where she is the only girl at a table filled with testosterone-fueled macho male sportscasters.