Religious dating tips

12-Feb-2016 01:12

It’s equally important to note that we are not recommending discarding your personal core beliefs to please someone else or to “be open” in a way which is contrived, but in a way that optimizes your experience.Some Basic Religion Settings Facts: For the sake of definition, I just wanted to take a moment to establish the crucial difference between choosing settings for yourself and settings for the type of matches you’re willing to receive: SELF SELECTS are settings that define YOU.MATCH SETTINGS are settings which define types of matches you are willing to include in your search.Both your Self Selects and your matches’ settings can be adjusted under the My Settings Tab.By including only certain denominations in your Match Settings, you may be eliminating a match who is a perfect fit for you faith-wise!If you are worried about making a connection with someone of a contradictory doctrine or belief system, describe your faith on your Profile and what you are looking for in a partner.If you are inclined to select specific denominations of your own faith for fear of getting matched with someone who differs in theology and life style, still consider including all members of your faith in your Match Settings.* For example, if you identify yourself as “Jewish/Reformed” and you only include Jewish Reformed and Jewish Conservative in your match settings, you could be ruling out any potential matches who said they are Jewish singles, but “Prefer Not to Specify” their denomination.

How you define your own religion and religions of others based on your personal experiences may be different than the way they are labeled within e Harmony’s settings or within your potential matches’ minds.

In order to take the best advantage of the service as it is, it may be helpful to set aside personal definitions and work within the provided categories to get the matches that are best for you.

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