Relative vs absolute dating worksheet

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We use this Spanish expression metaphorically to say that more of a certain thing, when there’s lots of it, is likely to go unnoticed or make no difference.barrer para adentro – to act advantageously, to promote one´s interests without consideration of others, to attribute other people´s merit to oneself bicho raro – an odd (human) specimen blasfemar/ jurar/ renegar/ hablar como un carretero – swear like a trooper borracho como una cuba – drunk as a skunk borrón y cuenta nueva – to forget the past and start anew, to let bygones be bygones brillar por su ausencia – to be conspicuous by one´s absence bueno como un angel – extremelly good, saintly, referring to a person´s character and moral qualities buscar una aguja en un pajar – to look for a needle in a haystack buscarle a alguien las cosquillas – to provoke somebody buscarle tres pies al gato – to look for trouble, to complicate things unnecessarily buscarle tres pies al gato sabiendo que tiene cuatro – to look for trouble, to complicate things unnecessarily cabeza de chorlito – scatterbrain cada hijo de vecino – just about everyone, all and sundry cada muerte de Obispo – very rarely, once in a blue moon caer bien/ mal – to be likeable/ not to be likeable caer como moscas – to die/ drop like flies calado hasta los huesos – soaked through calarse las gafas – to put on one´s glasses cerrar algo a cal y canto – to seal shut cerrar el pico – to shut one´s trap, to remain silent chapado a la antigua – old-fashioned chillar como un condenado – to scream very strongly out of pain or fear (to scream as if one were sentenced to death), to sob like a baby cocerse/ cocinarse en su propia salsa – to stew in one´s own juices comer como un pajarito – to pick at one´s food, to eat sparingly como los perros en misa – superfluous, unnecessary como perro en barrio ajeno – out of place como pez en el agua – to be in one’s element, at home como si fuera poco – as if it that weren´t enough con el sudor de su frente – by the sweat of his brow con pelos y señales – in all detail consultar algo con la almohada – to sleep on something contra viento y marea – come wind or high water; through thick and thin; against all odds; come rain, hail or snow cortar de raíz – eradicate costar un ojo de la cara – to be outrageously expensive, to cost an eye and a foot, to cost an arm and a leg creerse el ombligo del mundo – to think the world revolves around one´s self cuando las ranas críen pelos – This Spanish expression is used to say that something will never, ever happen.

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a la larga – in the long run a la merced de – at the mercy of a la vez – at the same time, simultaneously a las espaldas de alguien – behind somebody´s back a lo major – maybe, possibly a mano – 1. by hand a más tardar – at the latest a menudo – often, many a time a ojo de buen cubero – by rule of thumb a palo seco – without anything to go with it. – This Spanish expression is originally from Rio de la Plata and means that, come what may, no one can take away from us the good times we’ve had. a banderas desplegadas – with flying colors a caballo regañado no le mires el diente – Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth a chorros – in great quantities a como de lugar – at all costs, in any way possible a contramano – in the wrong direction, against the traffic a destiempo – untimely, ill-timed, inopportune a dos pasos – very close, within an ace of a duras penas – scarcely, with great difficulty a fin de cuentas – at the end of the day, when all is said and done a gatas – on all fours a granel– in bulk a la carrera – This Spanish idiom describes an unthorough, hurried way of doing something.estar más perdido que Carracuca – to be hopelessly lost estirar la pata – to die, English equivalent of this Spanish idiom: to kick the bucket exhalar el último suspiro – to die, to give up the ghost faltar el rabo por desollar – This Spanish expression is used to say that the hardest part of a task still remains to be accomplished.faltarle un tornillo a alguien – to have a screw loose, to have a few buttons missing fresco como una lechuga – fresh as a daisy fulano de tal – a certain person gajes del oficio – occupational hazards, the risks and inconveniences inherent to a trade or profession ganarse el pan – to earn one´s bread and butter gastar pólvora en chimangos – to waste time or effort in an unworthy cause.

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This Spanish idiom is used when someone´s excessively high opinion of himself is punctured. armado hasta los dientes – armed to the teeth armar un jaleo – to make a fuss armarse la gorda – to make a big, fat fuss arriesgarse el pellejo – to risk one´s self, to risk one´s neck arrimar el ascua a su sardine – to put one´s own benefit first, to provide grist to one´s mill arrimarse al sol que más calienta – to seek out those from whom one can profit, to know which side one´s bread is buttered on arrojar a alguien a los lobos – to deliver someone into danger, to throw someone to the wolves astuto como un zorro – very smart, as sly as a fox ave nocturna – night person, night owl bailar al son que tocan – to dance to whatever music happens to be playing, to follow the current, to agree with anything bajársele los humos a alguien – to be taken down a peg.

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