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The police may provide a person with information about the SOR if it thinks it is appropriate to do so The police can give the Secretary of the Department of Justice information about a registered sex offender if the offender has indicated during reporting that they have had contact with a child.

A registered sex offender must not be involved in employment that is child-related.

A person who works in a child-related industry who is then charged with a registrable offence must tell their employer within 7 days after being charged with the offence.

Sex offenders registers contain information about certain sex offenders.

This information includes: The purpose of the SOR is: The person must report any changes to their details to the police within 7 days.

A person who is applying for employment in a child-related industry who has a pending charge for a registrable offence must tell their employer this as the time of making the application.

Only people who are authorised by the police can access the register.

If the person is reporting to police that they are leaving Victoria to go overseas or are returning to Victoria from overseas they must produce their passport to police and any other documents that are required in support of the report.The police may keep any copies of documents, fingerprints/fingerscans or photographs taken from the person during reporting for: If the person is a child, these amounts are halved (7.5 years if the reporting period is forever).

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