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04-Nov-2014 19:12

In fact, since launching in October, Tinder has spread like wildfire — a fact that, as we reported in May, has had investors and potential acquirers drooling.

Today, Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad tells us, users have rated over seven billion profiles, and the app has served over 100 million matches in all (and is currently adding 1.5 million matches/day and growing, he says.) Yet, for a mobile-first startup, Tinder has been missing a huge piece of the smartphone puzzle: To date, the app has only been available on the i Phone.

Drawing on the same addictive formula behind Hot or Not, Tinder allows those in search of a date (or a little casual flirting) to swipe through Facebook-powered profiles of prospective matches, accepting or rejecting based on visual appeal.

Sure, it’s a bit superficial, but its game-ified approach to flirting is also more than a little addicting and has taken off among the Snap Chat generation, beginning with college campuses.

As we wrote earlier this summer, based on its surging popularity among young people, rumors had been circulating for months that the company has been in the process of raising a huge round of outside financing or was busy looking for a big-figure exit.

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Instead of simply launching the app on the app store as is normally the case, several weeks ago, the company created a landing page for the new app, saying that they would only make Tinder for Android available once they had received one million requests (via social media).

They haven’t quite made it to one million requests, Rad says, but with over 800K already logged, the founders decided to pull the trigger anyway.

They can “like” or pass each match as it appears and can decide to chat or meet up only when both users show interest (i.e. It’s this simple model, which encourages people to make snap judgements of each other based on a few photos and some basic profile information on mutual preferences, interests and friends, that have led Tinder users to make over 7 billion profile ratings.

For those looking for long-term, serious romance, the e Harmony and OKCupid approach is likely to have more appeal, but for younger users interested in a quick way to meet people and a casual way to flirt, Tinder has (thus far) been taking the cake.

In its port from i OS to Android, fans of the mobile dating network will be pleased to learn that there haven’t been many changes to the overall user experience, other than some requisite optimizations for its new operating system.It’s still the same model: Once a user signs in, they’re shown snapshots of local singles based on location and mutual interests.